Manhunter ★★★★

Where to begin???

Mann obviously delivering the best feature-length adaptation of this novel because of how much he's driven by the same sleek efficiencies of Harris' 80s written thriller — the striking cleanness of the interiors, leaning into its standalone capabilities of the narrative, that extremely of-its-time score.

Mann is just a dude who loves technology and crimes and when a movie has a whole lot of guys and I love him for it.

There's a love theme specifically for the film's serial killer. What's not to love about that.

There's a crosscutting climax that plays out to almost the entirety of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" before William Petersen runs crashing through a big glass window in slow motion and immediately gets the shit kicks out of him.

It ends on an anthemic Red 7 '80s rock track with a fucking freeze frame.

Hannibal is just some guy that occasionally inconvenieces Will Graham in this.

Michael Mann is a king and could not have picked a better night to celebrate this film's birthday and the birthday of my most Mann-stanning friend.

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