10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You ★★★★★

i love this film with my whole entire heart. i feel so overwhelmed by the world today. my anxiety is sky high. everything is too big and too scary. so i did what i always do when my brain thinks too fast that my body cant breathe. i have seen this film so many times that it feels familiar. its like an old friend. this film is like my chicken noodle soup. it heals me. it feels like being hugged by someone you love, or being wrapped up in a blanket and kissed on the forehead. it feels like having your hair played with, and feeling safe in someone’s arms. it feels like cradling a hot cup of tea between your hands, telling someone your secrets, and feeling understood. i feel warm. i feel loved. i feel like i can breathe again.


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