Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube

Hooptober 7.0: The Hoopening

"Fuck you, Jerry," indeed. This was so bad it made me feel really guilty for only giving the first one, which I liked quite a bit, three stars. A shocking amount of nothing happens in this first draft one act play. I had predicted that this was going to be a torture and death fest, but I was way off; that would have been the easy, logical route after Cube, but this doesn't take it. Hypercube is super dull when it's not being pretty unintentionally hilarious. The acting is ok, but an abundance of bad CGI replacing the great production design from the first one is often distracting. And that ending was a great big woof.

It briefly got my hopes up that Jerry and the other dude might run their matching bristly goatees together during the "Are you hungry?" scene, but alas, no dice (which are cubes! my brain!).

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