(kirsty) frances

(kirsty) frances

famously never seen a movie.
just workin my way through this list

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  • Ishtar


    this is actually a true story, based on jackson pollock's life

  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five

    they hate to see a girlboss winning !!

    left me kind of bittersweet if i am being honest and i didn't love the fantasy sequences even if they were a very fun exercise in genre. other than that! fun movie! the main trio absolutely delightful and i am obsessed with the what-happened-next graphic at the end as though this is based on a true story. the moral is the only good man is your son who offers you a joint in your time of need. praxis !

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  • The Princess Bride

    The Princess Bride

    my feeling of "mandy patinkin???" topped only by "billy crystal????"
    a deeply charming movie! everything i would have expected from the hype but in the best way possible

  • Fruity


    finally, the reason why everyone wants to be the 'most fuckable person at the grocery store', explained

    (feels redundant to mention the tactility of it all but! what can i say if it speaks to you it speaks to you)