Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody ½

Queen is an amazing band! this, however, is the worst studio film I've seen this past decade – embarrassing and tiresome for all involved, and Bryan Singer ought to never work again for a multitude of reasons. even if it were not plagued by production/post-production issues, there's barely a good performance in it. maybe Tom Hollander? Rami Malek's Mercury voice is literally inches away from Tom Hardy's Bane voice. he looks like a ghoul. it speaks to the power of quote unquote love that he and Lucy Boynton got together filming this because I cannot even look at him with those fake teeth. anyway – the film is also pretty undeniably homophobic. no plot, no obstacles, no character development. looks like shit. the lip syncing sucks. there was the week on Twitter dot com where everyone dug into the editing of that one scene, but the whole fucking thing is edited like that. hard not to watch and think of my brief short-form comedy video directing career and the way in which we'd try to put in a gajillion cuts to mask everything bad about what was on screen. a clip of Queen the actual band plays over the credits and that's more engaging than any of the two hours and fifteen (!) minutes preceding it. I hope Mercury's story is one day told by someone who genuinely loves him!

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