Enola Holmes ★★½

Enola Holmes is better than it has any right to be, which is not to say that it's good, but it's not all that bad either. it has the simultaneous advantage and disadvantage of starring three English actors who all sound like they are doing fake versions of their native accents. Millie Bobby Brown is... uh, good? plucky? does the job she needs to do? she's definitely the best part of the movie, which is a good thing for a movie in which you play the titular role. Claflin... literally I don't know what's going on with that guy. I forgot to watch season five of Peaky Blinders (coming out with this now so I don't get in trouble later on). Cavill – literally lmao. Henry Cavill's take on Sherlock Holmes is, "what if... Sherlock Holmes... was played by Henry Cavill?" Sherlock is not smart, he's not an addict, he's not wayward and rude and playing violin – he's Henry Cavill. certainly an original idea! I will once again use this as an opportunity to state my theory that Charlie Hunnam is Henry Cavill for intellectuals. that's not to say Henry Cavill is for idiots or philistines, but he is definitely the third or fourth tier on any given brain expanding meme. do you think Burn Gorman gets sick of these kinds of roles? like fifteen minutes into the movie, Fiona Shaw (name of actress) slaps Enola Holmes (name of character) across the face, and you can turn it off there. this is the 200th movie I watched this year :)

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