Moonage Daydream

Moonage Daydream ★★½

I am grateful to be moving past the talking heads/behind the music-style musician documentary, but it’s hard to look at this in comparison to other music docs of late and think it’s doing much better. Bowie himself is an undeniable presence and a charismatic workhorse, and the concert footage is really great, but I don’t find the form here doing much for the content. took me a long time to find a pace with this, and then I was a little peeved when it, like Bowie, leveled out in its back half into something more traditional if not traditional-appearing. I once told my mom that pop Bowie was my fav iteration of Bowie and she said, “then you don’t like Bowie; you like pop music that was, at one point in time, made by David Bowie.” imagine watching this on a laptop! the horror

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