Nope ★★★★½

a lot to like here and could perhaps continue to grow in my own estimation over the course of the weekend and summer. it's about the thing(s) it's about, certainly, but also about how annoying it is to make a short film without crowdfunding, hiring on people you objectively dislike because they're competent at their trade. I really appreciate that Peele's scripts don't rely too heavily on set-up/punchline jokes so much as they do dramatic irony and letting naturally funny people (Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea here, previously Tim Heidecker, previously both Lil Rel Howery and Allison Williams [lol]) deliver a regular line in a funny way. gives everyone a real humanity and keeps everything from feeling too winking. the score is really masterful too - maybe my favorite technical element in a movie about technical elements. all Copland there at the end! yeehaw! Kaluuya going Eastwood, effectively and majestically. us Terry Notary stans are eating (literally)! really good movie, maybe even great

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