• Ratcatcher



    I was already cracking my knuckles to call this “Malickian” and then she swung in with the Gassenhauer cue 😭😭 Rachel Portman really knocks it outta the park

  • About Dry Grasses

    About Dry Grasses


    Lonergan-esque, kinda, and not just the runtime but also sort of the ultimate "i'm happy for u tho or sorry that happened" the emphasis on "sorry that happened." gotta have one of the best child actors of all time, not to mention the proper stunner Merve Dizdar. great vistas, beautiful vistas.

  • Peterloo



    Wigan mentioned???

  • Chicago



    don’t break my radio!

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    you can listen to me and Katie and Blake on Miami Nice! mostly about Eddie Marsan's career and this weird, weird, vibey movie

  • Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth


    forgot to log. really love this film, I gotta say. recently saw the Shostakovich opera (which is also based on the same novella as this) which really hit home how much fun you can have with the adaptation of the source material. it's a sparse enough text to really flex, and that the novella, opera, and film all have different endings that all basically work... very cool. such a great performance from Pugh – bratty, funny. is that Netflix movie where she's a nurse any good? she can really hold her own in a period piece that isn't directed by Olivia Wilde

  • A Hard Day's Night

    A Hard Day's Night


    looney tunes

    obviously my favorite is GEORGE

  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home


    slow burn, beautifully (!) blocked, insane Carl Davis score. Timothy Spall farting over Frank Sinatra! Leigh maybe the best writer of all time of “wife character.”

  • The Rat Catcher

    The Rat Catcher


    it’s sort of crazy it took as long as it did to rope Richard Ayoade into the Wes Anderson troupe

  • The Iron Claw

    The Iron Claw


    found myself almost unspeakably moved by this in a way I was not otherwise expecting, like I was laughing at how hard I was crying. it felt sort of silly but I felt what I felt! not unlike The Nest, Durkin is hampered by the clunky, over-articulated dialogue. this doesn't have Jude Law's ten minute speech explaining the point of the movie at the end of the film; the whole movie is explaining the point of the movie throughout -…

  • The Jennifer Meyers Story

    The Jennifer Meyers Story


    funny, bleak, imaginative, textured – a real obsession come to life in a vivd, tactile sort of way. the appeal of true crime was never the mystery but wondering what would happen if it happened to us. surprises me on every rewatch. see for yourself here

  • La Chimera

    La Chimera


    wrote about La Chimera & loss for Bright Wall/Dark Room's best of 2023 issue. pretty spoiler free, but I understand if you want to wait until March.