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  • Ash Is Purest White

    Ash Is Purest White


    "For people like us, it's always kill or be killed."
    "'People like us'?"
    "People in the jianghu underworld."
    "I'm not part of the jianghu."
    "Now you're in the jianghu."
    "You've watched too many gangster movies. There's no more jianghu. It's not like the old days anymore."
    "Wherever there are people, there'll be jianghu."

    Ballroom dancing is a delicate art, where even the slightest misstep can be fatal. So's shooting people, scamming people, falling in love with people, learning to live…

  • Parasite



    "She's so naive and nice. She's rich, but still nice."
    "Not 'rich but still nice.' Nice because she's rich. You know? Hell, if I had all this money, I'd be nice too!"

    Not a good watch for the paranoid living inside me, who now feels justified for all the passed judgments on strangers and friends alike, all the backward glances, all the second thoughts and doubts screamed through my mind whenever decision-making time drew near. After everything this movie made…

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  • Drive



    That scene where Driver walks up to Nino's Pizzeria in his stuntman's mask, looks into the building and observes the man he's about to kill. At this point, he's become witness to several killings, a few threatening episodes, and the complete disbelief on his lady's face when she finally catches a glimpse of the world he really lives in. And it's all because of that huge, hulking Jewish mobster who's laughing at something his hired whore tells him, as if…

  • Why Don't You Play in Hell?

    Why Don't You Play in Hell?


    More meta than Malkovich meandering uselessly in front of a camera, more self-aware than Spike Jonze writing soliloquies about looking at himself in a mirror, and more manic than Takashi Miike on meth, Sion Sono's latest offering hits you like a real punch in the gut - only it's less annoying and you'd even go up to the guy to thank him for the experience.

    The main characters are the Fuck Bombers, whose name, to this day, remains the only…