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  • The Greatest Show on Earth

    The Greatest Show on Earth

    In honor of the Oscars tomorrow night, I decided to watch a past Best Picture winner. Somehow, I picked this one. Well, I was a little stoned. Still am.

    THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH has the reputation in some quarters of being the worst film ever to win "Best Picture of the Year." I presume the people who say that have never seen BROADWAY MELODY, or CAVALCADE, or even GOING MY WAY, among others. Not defending GREATEST; it's not a…

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  • John and Mary

    John and Mary


    He has a great apartment, loves classical music, and can cook.

    She's very pretty. No. She's beautiful. That is, she's a nothing burger.

    I'm old enough to remember the excitement when this movie was released. Benjamin Braddock. Rosemary. By the director of BULLITT.

    And then the film began. Slowly, the air seeped out of the fun at all. No nothing.

    Still true.

  • The Affairs of Cellini

    The Affairs of Cellini


    Primarily notable because a very funny Frank Morgan in a supporting role was nominated for Best Actor.

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  • Holiday Affair

    Holiday Affair


    The poster is hilarious, as RKO tried to reposition HOLIDAY AFFAIR as a noir after its Christmassy release flopped. Frankly, I understand the audience's disenchantment. We're supposed to think Janet Leigh belongs with Mitchum because he's Mitchum, I guess, a big star. But to get there, the couple has to run roughshod over the honorable intentions of another, rather decent suitor played by Wendell Corey, so the "holiday affair" leaves a sour taste. Leigh's son in the movie, with his saccharine acting and random preference for Mitchum, doesn't help. (NB. When I wrote this review, LETTERBOXD was using a different poster as its tag.)

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    Surprisingly, my favorite among the Oscar nominees for international film.* Its first hour is maybe TOO understated and under-dramatized, but as the film progresses, it peels aways from some of the protagonist's routines and surprises us, and gives us mysterious layers. Not a perfect movie—there are perhaps too many unanswered questions—but a rich one. And Kōji Yakusho's performance, for a long time silent, is lovely.

    That last needle drop is too much on the nose.

    *This wouldn't have been true if ANATOMY OF A FALL or TASTE OF THINGS had made the cut.