Annette ★★★★½

Wanna hit that five so bad. Gotta give it a second go though, because there’s a LOT going on, and I’m not sure how I even feel about most of it, but it’s a literal undeniable achievement of Pure Cinema™️. It’s everything a movie can possibly be (talking more philosophically opposed to something boring like genre) blended into one loud ass blender, high on its own supply. After Holy Motors, something like this is the only logical followup… good luck moving on from here. I also love musicals/operas, so, biased? Also found it constantly catching me off guard in the best possible ways; I literally knew almost nothing about plot (avoided details like crazy), and loved that roller coaster ride. Will wait for the second viewing to jot down more specific thoughts, because I’d encourage people to just give it a shot; in a world of Marvel and Sequels, you can’t get mad at those still swinging for the fences, but you certainly can hate it. 

Where the Dong Cut tho?

And god, can you even imagine the version of this 20 years ago with Lavant and Binoche 💔

Also; Bo Burnham who? David Lynch who? Jacques Demy who? Gtfo of here with those kid games, this is a MOVIE.

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