Midsommar ★★★★★

Director's Cut


Being understood, or having a genuine emotional connection, or simply having the feeling that someone gives a damn about you, is such a god damn rarity these days, we're willing to kill for it. Also willing to ignore all the blatant red flags, out of some possibility of a better tomorrow. Tragic really. Dani's quest for relief is so tragically warped here, that consequences beyond an everyday magnitude can be exacted upon this group of ignorant folk. Did any deserve to die? Most certainly not, and that's where the only true horror elements come in. Anything that actually happens in the film is never scary, just tragic (and still occasionally beautiful (which is crucial for brainwashing)). The scary stuff is when you start to breakdown this slow assimilation into a society that can bend it's very will to being wish-fulfillment. The way this movie has worked on me, is just proof (in my eyes) of it's genius. I just felt pain every frame.

First viewing I triumphantly thought I was Dani, the second I was upset to realize I was Christian, this time I was like, I must actually be Pelle, and the true answer is, there's a face I understand in almost everyone... which is just an unfortunate truth.

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