Tenet ★★★★★

I have never watched a movie three days in a row before. I even tried to watch two wildly different movies this day, to try and get Tenet out of my mind, but I simply couldn't; I needed it one more time. This was also the time I watched it alone, and this was also the time I shed a tear. This movie has so many different ways of looking at it, and truly, I love them all. It's a dumb, turn off your brain, look at the pretty picture, bonafide practical effect spectacle, action flick. It's also got a complexly written, meticulously thought through, sci-fi headscratcher in there (even though it's basically Primer with explosions). It's also become a hangout movie, where I love to just be with these absurd characters; archetypes used for good (and I think all of the performances are good to amazing). From a filmmaker's perspective, this is a triumph of logistics that is more mind-numbing than what's happening in the actual film; to try, in real time, and dissect how they're pulling off so many of these sequences is what actually gets my brain to hurt. All the clunky dialogue, and borderline computer-like performances (except Brannagh, who's just having a fucking ball), to all the other elements people seem to complain about (I've only seen this at home, with subtitles, so the sound design has never once bothered me), I literally just adore. I am never having a dull moment when I watch it, and every single scene I'm excited for the next. I literally pump my fist at least three times while watching, because my body needs to physically communicate my excitement. I don't care if this makes me the most Film Bro™ of all-time, because I'm just being honest. Also, it's maybe my favorite film score of all-time; like it isn't, but it's up there.

This feels like Chris Nolan finally understanding himself; the AI becoming self-aware. I think he became more conscious of every single choice he's made, from the inclusion of Travis Scott at the end credits, to casting a world-wide cast, and using multiple countries for filming, and both making something rewatchably complex, but surfacely simple. It's admirable, because, he is of a certain echelon that no one else is; nobody gets as big a budget for original IP, and if you're going to have that big a stage, you might as well try and deliberately make the biggest movie in the world. But the fun part is, Nolan can't remove the Nolan from the equation, and this actually ended up isolating most audiences, but to me, this becomes the purity of an Auterist statement. I rewatched Memento recently (I'm real behind on logs), and it feels like a clear mission statement that got us here, with Inception being the obvious way point. Nolan pleading for us to think about the world in a new way, and the idea of sacrificing the self for the greater good, being the ultimate thing a human could do; it's marvel, but with purity of intent that's beyond selling the next film. It's Kubrick's brain for filmmaking itself, but with Spielberg's sensibility to inspire awe. This movie made me feel 13 again.

This movie just does it for me; halfway between Heat and Primer is exactly what I want.

Somehow, more still coming soon...

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