Tenet ★★★★★

Fifth viewing in 9 days; an unprecedented event in my movie watching life. This was the time I watched it with my dad, who liked it, and said he'd have to watch it again, he also said he was surprised he wasn't that confused, and unironically though Kenneth Branagh was great (which he is). This was my final watch of 2020, so more will not be coming, as I also want to give this a little more time before hitting it with that sixth through tenth watch, because I want to make sure it keeps it's magic. What is shocking though, is that every single watch I was still equally mesmerized, and found myself joyously absorbing the flick with nothing pure excitement that reminds me why I love the movies (there are three moments where I literally can't help but start pumping my fist out of satisfaction). It truly does feel tailor made for all the things I like in movies (minus deep characterization, but the archetypes present, and the actors charisma, makes up for it), and it makes me feel like a child again, and that is something that is almost invaluable.

This is my preferred brand of the Marvel type filmmaking (because it incorporates ACTUAL filmmaking), and I'm full on board with Tenet. So many quotes have already been adopted into my friends lexicon, along with us constantly just saying the title, and singing the soundtrack. This is a fun flick for the pals, and I think everyone should stop taking themselves so seriously; me included. Regardless of my feelings, I cannot deny a film I watched this many times in short succession as being one of my favorite movies, and truly, I don't think this is even going to be Nolan's true masterwork, as I think he's entering a new phase of his career. All the films before this, he had big set pieces that were practical logistical feats, and he always crafted stories that had a lot of thought-out specificity because they were temporally challenging... now Nolan figured out how to bring the temporal complications into the literal filmmaking (seriously cannot stress how fucking confusing filming some of these things had to be, and that alone makes this movie worth it), and now he's going to figure out how to perfect it, almost like a game of chess, while still making an even more rich story (because that wasn't the focus this time). I'm excited for whatever comes ten years from now; 2030 will bring Nolan's masterwork, I'm buying the stock now.

In the continuation of the Nolan ideological project too, this is the first time it isn't about the protagonist, thus rightly stripping him of an identity. He is solely there to save the day, to sacrifice himself, to fulfill a destiny in which he saves the world. He is a more pure form of Batman, and fits in with Nolan's quest of sacrifice, but what makes it interesting, is his supporting characters are the ones living through the normal Nolan drama. In Memento we have a character who doesn't realize he's created an entire fabricated world to escape from his reality. In Inception, we have a knowing character who creates a fabricated reality, but is still trying to escape his reality. In Tenet, we have Kat, a character trying to escape her reality, but it (in the world of the film) IS reality, so The Protagonist sacrifices himself (creating a fake reality - an endless loop only he, Neil, and Ives will have to endure) to save her, and in turn, save the world. It's about the ability to take action in the face of everything else, and it's nice concepts to enhance the popcorn movie. But don't forget, it's still just a popcorn movie. I also now cry every time during the final exchange among the friends; pure cinematic poetry.

God damn, whatta picture.

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