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  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    Solid, nicely shot film unfortunately covered by a bloated runtime and meandering middle act. Trim this down to an hour forty-five and it might not seem so...empty.

  • Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam


    Uncle Sam might want me dead, but I think he would also want you to show more than half of the kills in this slasher movie ON-SCREEN.

    Pretty mediocre output from Lustig and Cohen, comes off as a less-fun version of Maniac Cop with more Stars and Stripes. Do appreciate the prodding of hyper-patriotism though.

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  • Raw



    Part of Hooptober 5.0

    A touching coming of age story.

    There also happens to be cannibalism involved.

    It's telling that the most unsettling scene in the movie to me was the brief moment in one of the party scenes where Alexia licks some dude's eyeball. Pure pinkeye.

    Living for the aesthetic.

    Very well-crafted tension and uneasiness. Marillier was damn good.

    Weirdly, I got real hungry just as I started typing this.

  • Halloween



    Part of Hooptober 7.0

    The only thing I've taken away from this rewatch is to never have sex in another person's bed/house. Only bad things can happen, even if you don't get choked and/or stabbed to death by an escaped mental patient.