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  • Bronson



    For some reason I always thought this movie was the one about the Irish prisoner who went on the hunger strike but then every time I looked it up I had to remind myself I was thinking of Hunger with Michael Fassbender.

    Anyways finally watched this, it's alright but when a performance starts and stays at 11 it's kind of hard for it to really surprise or interest, but boy did I sure see his willy bounce around a lot.

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    Even though this might be emotionally manipulative and some parts made me laugh inappropriately when I don't think they were supposed to I was enthralled throughout by the incredible performances. I love movies set in one location and often they're based on plays so I really should watch more play adaptions.

    So happy to see Brendan Fraser back even though I feel like all the air has been drained from my lungs and I've been punched in the gut. Not sure what else to say on it as I'm still processing everything.

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  • Late Summer

    Late Summer

    Imagine if your cousin looked and sounded just like Mahrky Mahrk.

  • Beastly



    If it happened to him nowadays he could just become a SoundCloud rapper