Us ★★★★

I really don't even know where to start. Jordan Peele is fucking brilliant and the hype may be real but it's also well-deserved. That final face-off between Lupitas gave me a reaction in my gut. The imagery, the sounds, the acting, the tension, and the way it all was cut together was beyond phenomenal. This is why I love horror and get so fucking excited about it. When it's done right, it has a way of bringing up so many emotions inside.

I identified with Lupita (the non-scissor wielding one) so much in this movie. The anxieties of everyday life and how you have to learn to live with it and find ways of coping that may only apply to and help you is a reality that a lot of us face, especially in this age of now now now, I want it, give it to me now. And that's just one takeaway from Us. I mean, there are so many different meanings and interpretations that one can get from this film. It could be about acknowledging the darkness within us before it overtakes us. It could be about overcoming anxiety when those you hold dearest are in danger. Or it could just be a home invasion thriller with some heft behind it. No one interpretation is correct because they all are. I could've done without the twist, but it absolutely crushed me after thinking about it for a sec because it opens up characters and their motivations so much more so after the fact. That's what I love about Peele. He takes things that have been done and done and done to death and makes them feel fresh and new. With Get Out, it was possession. With Us, it's the home invasion gig. He takes those antiquated horror tropes and makes them fucking fun again. God, I can't wait to see where he goes next and I look forward to loving this more and more on rewatches, just like I have with Get Out.

Also, I'm honestly so glad that Lupita Nyong'o finally got a role that let her stretch her legs and show what she's really got. She's terrifying, heartbreaking and ALIVE in every single second of this movie. Legendary. Winston Duke is adorable and has thighs for days. God bless his parents. Oh, and I totally feel like the batshit character Elisabeth Moss plays in this is totally gonna be her in like a decade if we don't save her from Scientology.

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