Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

"Your mom goes to college."

Napoleon Dynamite is the cinematic equivalent of a plate of really good Nachos. As it's opening credit's suggest, the food cooked in Napoleon Dynamite is not a cuisine of highest excellency, it's not a tour de force but it shouldn't be. Like Nachos, it's tortilla chips are pathetic, or can be pathetic at times which is the film's release of fantastic comedic moments. Pathetic is the film's number one aim, which in turn the conflict arises is petty, dumb yet oh so humorous. Your body quickly adapts to it's rolling of the eyes styled backing board of the movie as Napoleon hangs a toy from a string from the school bus window. Why does he do this? I have no idea but it sets the tone ever so well. The cheese topping this fine plate of greasy, oily fried goodness is the fantastical imagination released in it's climax, a battle of the cringes, through dance and music and humble revelations to every character's infinite frustrations. It's what makes this film special and unique. Napoleon Dynamite is a hidden hero amongst minority men, the batman of fat lard city, a poorly drawn fantasy. A Liger in it's central crest...


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