This is my second watch of Parasite ... here are some of my favourite notes that I took:

- They're not always present, but the shots that form the splits between the Kim's and the Park's are so great and effective. I kept whispering "there's another line!" to myself, also, when the kim and park family aren't separated ... I notice that this usually anticipates that something *bad* is going to happen

- I reject the notion of some reviewers that this film promotes violence as the salve to class injustice. Violent is not the solution, but what Joon-ho understands is how acts of revenge become common place under a system that is fundamentally flawed.

- The animism of this film is flawless. How living everything is, ghouls, architecture of good spirit and negative spirit exists in the same sort of tonal region. One of my favourite scenes is a pathway blinded by an abundance of telephone wires, almost like a spider's web. Brilliantly sickly.

- I wouldn't call this pessimistic nor optimistic (well, definitely not optimistic). The film warns us by giving a premonition of a brighter future, it plays on our desires as an audience, just like it does the central ensemble. It warns us about our concepts of "plans". It warns us how lucky some of us are, I'm glad this film made me feel ashamed without talking down to me. Goes to show if you have an intelligent level of film-making, writing, and understanding of the audience ... then your preliminary themes will always be emotionally recognisable and tangible.

- The "trauma-recovery cake" will never not be hilarious

- At face value that talk about metaphors and art seems reductive until you realise that this entire *thing* is a discovery for purpose with thrilling and heart-breaking reality. Maybe the things we experience, we assign these clunky metaphors to, maybe it's all we've got.

- "All you need to do, is to walk up the stairs"

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