Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

"I'm so humble"

My Jaw is hurting, I was laughing from the start of the credits to the finish as well as the full 90 minutes of this film. Now that is how you do a comedy. 

Popstar is Directed by Akvia Schaffer (The Watch, Hot Rod) and starts Andy Samberg as teen pop sensation Conner4real, as his new album is released, Conner learns the hard side of music fame and losing friends as well due to his insane ego.

The good. It's no secret that I am a huge sucker for mockumentaries, I liked Life on the Road, What we do in the shadows is one of the greatest films ever made and now Popstar comes along and meets my already high expectations. The songs in this film are no short of a stroke of genius, brilliant, wacky, satirical and smart. The Lonenly Island Gang know what they're up to. Genius roles for cameos unlike Zoolander 2, Justin Timberlake plays a socially awkward chef and his bit on carrots is, simply put, priceless.

You really feel like they absolutely nailed the mockery on Justin Bieber. The weird pets, the drama, and of course the hysterical segments poking fun at TMZ. The absolute subtlety and work that got put into utilising their personalities is all the more over the top and comical. You feel for this character, deep moments are buried under comedy, but they're there. My only one criticism is that it never solves this character's ego (to an extent) but to be honest, it makes the surrounding jokes, comments on pop fame and stature all the more hilarious. 

The song on Spain had me snorting and I rarely snort. This is a witty goldmine. The best film of the year so far.

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