Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Inside Llewyn Davis is, after watching it multiple times, my absolute favorite of all of the Coen brothers' movies.

The movie opens with Llewyn playing a gig at the wonderful Gaslight and watching it I'm already stunned from how perfect Oscar Isaac is for this particular role. Isaac manages the hard task of completely taking over this arrogant, yet undoubtedly likable, extremely talented Llewyn Davis and making the character his own.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a depressing movie in which we get to follow Llewyn in a hard time right after his music partner and close friend committed suicide. As Llewyn strolls around, struggling to connect with anyone or anything but his music I think what Joel & Ethan Coen is trying to tell us is how it would be for one of them if the other would die. Or how anyone would feel if their other half would suddenly disappear from their life. Sure, Llewyn might be kind of arrogant and a dick but his feelings and motives are always clear and understandable.

And while many aspects of this movie is different from other movies the Coen's have done, many similarities can be found. The great dialogue and original story is there as always. The characters are nothing but fantastic, even the smaller characters (F. Murray Abraham as Bud Grossman, John Goodman as Roland Turner, Adam Driver as Al Coady, Stan Carp as Llewyn's dad among others) who only have a couple scenes were fantastic characters who contributed a lot. Much credit should also be given to the whole acting ensemble who were terrific.

Lastly, the cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel is amazing and really captures the feeling of Llewyn's struggles perfectly.

Joel & Ethan, you have my respect.