Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★½

After the home invasion of a secluded forest cabin of a hearing impaired woman in Hush, here the main character is a visually impaired war vet. Apparently he has loads of cash in his house, and three youngsters think it's a piece of cake to retrieve the money and head for sunny LA. Things work out differently.
Thematically similar to the French 'Livide' (2011), the house (and its owner) do not intend to let the intruders walk out with the money before putting on a good old fight and where the setting itself is like a big booby trap.
I'm not entirely convinced: it's never really thrilling or scary, some jump scares almost spoil the entire fun, and apart from the stuff happening in the basement it plays out very generically. I couldn't help myself laughing a bit when the old man seemed to have had speak lessons from Bane himself, but the laughter died out with the dog chase scene.
A disappointing finale concludes this mediocre 'thriller', and while it definetely shows some merits, as a whole it failed to engage me on a higher level.

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