Midsommar ★½

Aster knows how to shoot beautiful pictures: the overhead shots look gorgeous and the landscapes and the setting are stunning, but as for the rest, he can stick his pagan folklore horror tale where the sommar don't shine.

Opening is promising though, a young girl with some serious family issues, in a relationship with a guy who's apparently not so sure about it. They leave with other friends to one of theirs rural hometown where some festivities are taking place.

The drugs don't work, sang The Verve, but in this remote commune, they do. We're treated to the different rituals they perform, with explicit violence for shock value so you have something to speak about when the movie is finally over. I'm not even mentioning the sex scene, which made my wife look up from her sudoku and asking me what I was watching.

Well, probably the last Aster movie I saw.

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