Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Spider-Man, on a Road Trip.

Peter Parker is cityhoppin' through Europe, Mysterio appears to be on his tail, and I was expecting to hear "Scotty doesn't know" blaring through the Dolby surround of the theatre any time soon. Of course not, Giacchino is playing on another level.

So, as Spider-Man is travelling through Europe, he's indeed far from home, not feeling homesick, but still he's got to take care of these nasty villains whom he initially trusts but then has to fight.

Coming over more like a high school comedy than a serious MCU entry, I felt somehow cheated but gradually, thanks to the charisma of Peter himself and his girlfriend, things turn to the positive side making you forget the rather boring villain with the cool drones though. Initial action scenes turn out to be rather bland, but the finale makes it up for this by making good use of the aforementioned drones, leading up to an interesting mid credits scene.

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