Upgrade ★★★

In a distant future, a couple is mugged killing the lady and paralyzing him. He however gets the opportunity of receiving an implant which makes him able to walk again, even more, he's upgraded with this kind of superfast powers and is determined to look for the bad guys.

So it's a interesting combination of a simple revenge movie with the SF story which tells us we have to handle technology pretty carefully. After the implant he starts hearing a voice, from the implant itself, called stem (which is ironically the dutch word for 'voice'!) which lets him have control but you don't have to be psychic to predict what's going to happen later on.

It's never dull, it features some cool and tense action scenes and nice futuristic settings, but the simple story itself and some small stuff like the humor attempts which seemed out of place and a laughable car chase for instance prevent me from rating this higher.

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