Eternals ★★★½

7.2/10 👍🏾

Sometimes MCU movies are difficult for me to review because I don't know that much from the comics. This is especially true for the Eternals which is one of Marvels more unique set of characters. However, regardless of my knowledge of the Eternals. I've still had a good time with other unknown characters that I have grown to really enjoy like the Guardians of the Galaxy. So, just like them. I think the Eternals has a chance to grow on me even more.

All that being said. I think what is being presented is a pretty good installment in the MCU. Marvel seems to be building up a lot of interesting things simultaneously in Phase 4, and I think the Eternals has expanded the Cosmic side of things quite a bit. It's still keeping things at home on Earth. However, there's a lot more lurking out in the universe, and I'm interested in seeing what else is out there.

One of the ways the story is being told to try and get audiences on board with this new group of characters is by having a lot of exposition. Telling us important information is not always a bad thing if it's being done in creative ways, and attacks our characters in ways that changes them. And Eternals does both. For example, one of my favorite ways they did this was with a character that is shooting a documentary. Not only is it really meta, but it was really funny. I loved it.

Additionally, although the information that is being shared is done pretty good. Unfortunately, there are times when it can be a bit to much. There's a lot to cover in this story where the runtime is already 2 hours and 37 minutes which is a pretty hefty movie. Nevertheless, it tries its best to cover each Eternal and give them individual flaws, and conflicts to overcome. Some get more attention then others, but the most underdeveloped had to be the deviants. They could have been incorporated better.

As far as the themes. What the film is trying to say is also a lot, and can seem unfocused. Even so, the one theme that seems to be the root of it all is love. Love for your friends, family, people, and home. Sure, it's been done to death plenty of times, but it never gets old. On the flip side of that. It also ain't that original or saying anything profound.

Overall, I enjoyed Eternals more than I expected. There were also a lot of other good things that I didn't mention like the cinematography, cast, and directing as well. So, I'd say give this one a shot.

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