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  • Black Sheep

    Black Sheep


    It's essentially the comic duo of Chris Farley and David Spade retreading their characters from "Tommy Boy" into a film about a political campaign. Does it still work? Yeah, I mean Chris Farley is a master of pratfall-based slapstick comedy which when paired with David Spade as the sarcastic straight man never fails to provide the laughs. However, it just feels like a lack of effort on everyone's parts in simply just sticking to the formula of success that "Tommy…

  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


    The "Austin Powers" franchise was a cultural phenomenon in the late 90's going into the 2000's with every single teenage boy making references from it. I've always remembered bits, but after several years I've finally gotten around to making it an effort to see the franchise now that it is on Netflix. The first one will be surprise to most audiences accustomed to staples such as Mini-Me or Fat Bastard not appearing in this entry at all. This may be…

  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth


    So I finally got around to seeing what is most often cited as Del Toro's masterpiece and I will have to agree on almost every single facet it is flawless. Nevertheless, though, I must admit I'm left indifferent about it.

    On one hand it is absolutely visually stunning with creature and set design that is as haunting as it is beautiful. Not only that, but it uniquely provides a horror spin to a fairy tale narrative which alongside a war…

  • Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

    Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector


    I remember Jeff Foxworthy said he was asked if he saw any of his colleague Larry the Cable Guy's films and he responded,"No, but I did flush a $10 bill down the toilet so I can get the gist of it" which definitely sums up his vehicles. Made at a time Redneck jokes had a short burst of popularity, this Larry the Cable Guy feature saw him sticking to what he does best: gross, low brow humor. It's so pandering…

  • Chairman of the Board

    Chairman of the Board


    There's this weird sub-genre of film vehicles for group of comedians I call fad comics. You know those comedians that have peculiar style or subject matter that just hits a nerve with the lowest common denominator and become massively popular until their fame dies off into nothing? It's not to say they're not brilliant at what they do they just kind of become so over-publicized to the point that no matter whether you liked them or not that seeing them…

  • Booksmart



    I knew I loved her! God damn it, I knew I loved Olivia Wilde ever since I saw her initially on "House, M.D.". I've just been so disappointed, though, despite a brilliantly dense performance as Thirteen she really hasn't had any notably big roles since. Bad career decisions or just undervalued? I don't know, but now that we know what she can do behind the camera no one will ignore her now!

    "Booksmart" comes in on a welcomed recent trend…

  • State of Pride

    State of Pride


    I forget what I was about to watch, but when YouTube's ad for its documentary "State of Pride" came on I immediately dropped what I was doing to watch it. Is it anything particularly original? No, not really. Admittedly, I do have some mixed feelings given its lack of depth and its emotionally manipulative editing and music at parts. However, it is still a solidly done documentary with a lot of insight from a diverse set of viewpoints in the…

  • Mortdecai



    So for my 1000th film review for Letterboxd I will cover "Mortdecai" and unlike most I actually REALLY liked this one. I'll recognized it's heavily flawed with sparse comedy and choppy editing, but it weaseled it's way into my heart because of one thing: Johnny Depp with a mustache. Many found him to be annoying and saw him as goofing around. I, however, disagree with the annoying part, but agree with the goofing around and I must say for not…

  • Network



    I've long had this on my list of films I must see given its screenplay is oft considered one of the most impeccably written of all time. Once I saw Netflix put it on their streaming service I didn't hesitate in the least bit to see it and I must say it far exceeded in my expectations. It's bitter, biting satire that shoots in all directions from the media to every single one of its audience members.

    It recognizes that…

  • Exit Through the Gift Shop

    Exit Through the Gift Shop


    Is what we see an absolute joke by Banksy or a real story of a guy who inadvertently ends up as a filming major figures of the street art movement? I have absolutely no clue, but the resulting film nevertheless is absolutely fascinating to see that art is finding itself to be more relevant nowadays as a form of political protest via vandalism. Banksy may be the illustrious artistic figure of our times, but he's also proven he can effectively…

  • Hacksaw Ridge

    Hacksaw Ridge


    Years after finding himself disgraced in Hollywood for obvious reasons if you know why, Mel Gibson makes a comeback with a film that showcases why like him or not he's one of the best directors in Hollywood. Once you think you've seen everything the war epic genre has to offer, Gibson provides a cinematic adaptation of the true story of a hero who's religious convictions kept him from shooting a gun yet willing to medically assist in battle. It's a…

  • Salvador



    After seeing James Woods in "Once Upon a Time in America" and given is notoriety as a conservative Twitter troll I've developed a strange fascination with seeing his most famous works. Why? I don't know maybe to feel he has something redeemable about him and to be fair after seeing his Academy Award nominated performance in "Salvador" I must say personal life aside you can't say he isn't good at what he does at all.

    "Salvador" is also a film…