Burning ★★★★★

Haruki Murakami and Lee Chang-dongng combined in one movie sounded almost too good to be true, fortunately it worked out perfectly.

Burning is on one hand a film with typical Chang-dongng's themes like Korea's fast) developing economic miracle where not everyone is winning (or "playing") blended together with Murakami's mysteries embedded in daily life and his character's lack of perspective.

A truly slow burning, dark and intelligent masterpiece where it all comes together:

Directed in a very unconventional conventional way outside of genre restrictions.
Three great actor's which all shine equal for very different reasons.
Written with such richness on details and returning motives which make it a joy for re-watches.
Photographed in almost exclusively in beautiful or at least interesting wide and half wide camera angles with a great eye for great light, from cold modern Club's and apartments to nearly abandoned farms, agricultural vehicles and of course greenhouses.

Certainly one of its decades best.

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