The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

Drenched in atmosphere with stellar sound design, The Night House seems compelled to make the audience wait for an admittedly slightly underwhelming payoff, but that doesn't mean the wait is any less tense. Rebecca Hall is as good here as she's ever been, carrying this thing on her back as she does almost everything she's in. Unfortunately the more emotional, story-based elements don't come out of the end being the stronger part of the film, and the climax loses a lot of the tension that makes the middle section work, but still, when that middle section's working, it's really working. Wish the film did a little more with the "reverse house" concept the trailer teased, but overall, pretty solid flick, and definitely the most singularly visionary horror of 2021 so far. Will probably flit between 3.5 and 4 stars a few times on here before being comfortable finalizing a score.