Da 5 Bloods ★★★★

It's a good movie, I'll come out the gate and say I definitely enjoyed it but it isn't Spike Lee's best (which is a difficult accomplishment).

It's got some great use of cinematography and lighting, and although quite simple, I did quite like the transition to a different resolution and aspect ratio when moving from future to past.

The story Is enjoyable, and all the actors and actresses do a great job portraying the emotion and complexity of their characters. One definitely bat out of the ball park and we all know who I'm talking about.

And of course, although I am a white man, I feel it wouldn't be too daring to say this film does a great job with african-american/black empowerment and representation and does a great job acknowledging and honoring black/african-american heroes. Although I say this as nicely as I can, sometimes the references and acknowledgements were quite jarring and hamfisted.

Scenes with references like those are important, as many of the people in question may need to be shown and given more meaning to audience members who may not be versed in it. On the topic of jarring, I believe the scenes where Paul (Delroy Lindo) talks to the camera are a bit too out of place. I can understand this may be an attempt to represent his mental-state, while giving some nice Spike Lee flavor of slam poetry/poems/Greek-esque dramas. However, it's still a bit too surprising and awkward. But who knows? It may have been his intent all along.

Another thing I have with this movie is it's use of violence. I can say this film FEELS like it should be anti-war. However despite all it's depictions and critiques of war and violence, the violence in this movie seems overly zealous and over the top, if not glorifies it. It's weird.

Good movie, bit confusing with it's artisitc choices. I trust Spike Lee, so I don't want to seem like it ruins the film. They don't ruin the film, but make the scene a bit more rough. I cried a bit at least twice. Not bad at all.

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