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  • Schlingensief – A Voice That Shook the Silence

    Schlingensief – A Voice That Shook the Silence


    🖤 RIP Schlingensief - „wir sind kein dekadenter Rotwein-Scheiß!“
    Well done docu exclusively based on archive material.

  • My Night at Maud's

    My Night at Maud's


    Vidal: Absolutely. For a Communist, Pascal's wager is very relevant today. Personally, I very much doubt that history has any meaning. Yet I wager that it has, so I'm in a Pascalian situation. Hypothesis A: Society and politics are meaningless. Hypothesis B: History has meaning. I'm not at all sure B is more likely to be true than A. More likely the reverse. Let's even suppose B has a 10% chance of being true and A has 90%. Nevertheless I…

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  • The Whispering Star

    The Whispering Star


    A very unexpected film of the director I normally connect to crazy, gory, more fucked up films.
    But this film is nevertheless beautiful. A very calm and almost silent film set in a (not so far away?) post-apocalyptic future.
    This film is not only a parabel for our modern society crossed by the isolation a lot of people face in this modern world of anonymization. But it also gives victims of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster  a chance to express their hopelessness and grief which is embed in a very sensitive way into this atmospheric masterpiece.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Don‘t kill sea birds, it‘s bad luck. And don‘t go for 4 weeks isolation on a cliff with an unknown weird old man that has a drinking problem when you haven‘t figured out your traumata yet... 👀

    - weird, exhausting, very fast told film.
    But I - loved - the camera work & the actors’ performances. And the mermaid.