Nomadland ★★½

So my thoughts on the Oscars 2021, it was honestly a mixed bag. If I were to compare it to last year, it would depend on 2 things:

The award nominee/winners choices this year did it better. TENET winning best visual effects, Soul winning best animated feature/original score, Nomadland winning best picture, Chloe Zhao winning best director, Daniel Kaluuya winning best supporting actor, Sound of Metal winning best sound, etc. Well there are still some choices I don't agree with like I think The Trial of the Chicago 7 should have won over Promising Young Women for best screenplay, Chadwick Boseman should have won best actor over Anthony Hopkins, etc. Sure no hate on the winners I still appreciate their wins even Anthony Hopkins for The Father he doesn't deserve the backlash (except for one problem which I'll get to in a bit).

The ceremony itself honestly was pretty disappointing. There was nothing very very spectacular other than the premiere of the West Side Story trailer. Last year's Oscars had Idina Menzel's performance of Into the Unknown that was spectacular! The speeches were forgettable. The comedy is still there and they should stop putting comedy in these Oscar ceremonies. But I think the biggest problem with the awards has to be how they arranged the category in order. It was soooooo messy. Why the f did they have to present best picture before best actor/actress? Maybe they wanted to save Chadwick for last so I was so ready to see him win best actor. But Hopkins won. Don't get me wrong I love Hopkins' performance in The Father his best performance ever in his career, but it doesn't make an impact that he won and he wasn't even there. So what was the point of not having best picture last?

Overall, I don't hate the Oscars this year but it was such a disorganized mess. Man now we have 2 disappointing Oscar years I want a good Oscar show. I hope next year it's actually good.

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