Oslo, August 31st

Oslo, August 31st ★★★★★

Oslo, August 31st is the intimate story of Anders, a recovering drug addict who over the course of one day considers his life and the moments that brought him where he is. He is filled with self-loathing over his addiction and struggles to find value in his life. While wandering around Oslo, Anders feels like a visitor in his own city. Most of the people he runs into aren't judgmental about his addiction but still Anders cannot truly connect with any of his old friends. Anders Danielsen Lie does an exceptional job playing Anders and I cannot recall the last time I felt so emotionally attached to a character, by the end of the film I was hoping so much for things to work out for him. Oslo, August 31st is simplistically filmed and the whole thing has a sort of somber, melancholy feel to it. I very much doubt that I'll be able to forget this film anytime soon.

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