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  • Toolbox Murders

    Toolbox Murders


    I deeply felt the utter helplessness at the heart of this, more so than really most slashers. It's that moment in Texas Chain Saw Massacre where Sally rushes to the old man begging for help only to find herself still trapped in the spiderweb. Tobe Hooper does one thing so well and it's showing more than evil individuals, but an entire evil environment that fosters death and decay. There's something in this that's different but just as potent, in that…

  • Portrait of Jennie

    Portrait of Jennie


    true love followed to its metaphysical level. green lightning and green tidal waves. people helpless to time while also existing outside of it like stars suspended unseen above New York City briefly glimpsed. A film full of tender dream images and hope in a truer life.

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  • The Living Dead Girl

    The Living Dead Girl


    The most vital movie of my life. I followed this rewatch with a little screaming into my pillow. Its emotional okay...

  • Dracula



    There's something to be said for the quietness of this movie, a side effect of early talkies. The Dracula story has been adapted so many times that for any new adaption I watch its really all about those in-between moments. Here they're silent as the grave and brimming with a sort of eerie ritualism.

    Dracula truly feels out of time, deeply unknowable and with his own agenda. Something primordial dressed in aristocrat's clothing. Every frame threatens to be subsumed by darkness, the ancient darkness from which vampires sprung. Get your crucifix and wolfsbane ready!