CW: violence, reference to eye trauma, gay masc love

Okay, the poster image? That moment in the film is kinda fantastic. There are a few small moments where the screen is filled with a fog-drenched, shadowy atmospheric terror, and in those moments, you can forget how cheap this looks, how awkwardly written these characters are, how disjointed this seems. A film filled with queer love, male-on-male gaze, and slasher tropes eventually takes a slightly different road than normal slashers--only slightly different, but just different enough to be notable. It still has corny little flaws, but it's heartening as well, emphasizing connection over independent strength (the difference here between Final Girl and Final Guy perhaps being that the former affirms capacity for defiance against stereotypical weakness, the latter against stereotypical inability to be vulnerable). Also, if you like mostly naked guys, I guess this might be your thing?

October count: 38/31

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