Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion

The recent glut of AI-driven art really puts a film like this into perspective. The endless, awkwardly inserted references to previous films, especially the original, feel the same way as those AI-created art pieces that draw from (or steal from, depending on your views) the work of others - as if some algorithm that has no context for what made the first film good has cut it up and used pieces of it to make something technically new but in no way original or sincere. It's cold, manipulative, and poorly calculated to evoke something it has never experienced - and therefore cannot replicate with any surety.

The script here wasn't, to my knowledge, written by such an algorithm, but the intent was the same - to cash in on already existing experiences, feelings, works, to create the impression of something new, but without the passion and inspiration of a human being behind it. Instead of a computer program, here the script was generated by capitalist studios who raked in over a billion dollars by mastering a formula, turning the film, the work of art, into a commodity without soul. They boiled off the wonder, the suspense, the spectacle, and left only an approximation, something just good enough to capture attention for a few hours without having any meaningful impact.

And the thing is, if this were purely pandering, if this were raw dinosploitation, I would probably love it, but they can't even get that right. Give me two and a half hours of dinosaur-on-dinosaur action, and I would call this a masterpiece. But instead we get gutless action pieces where no one who has been given a name is ever in danger and dull exposition scenes that set up the most poorly executed plot in the entire series. This is to say nothing of the ineptitude of the cinematography, effects (the dinosaurs, as has been said elsewhere, look less real than they did 31 years ago), and acting.

And the part of this film that shows just how much the filmmakers do not understand this series, the audience, good art, or even good exploitation filmmaking, is that they killed the series' most iconic character while leaving Chris "Christofascist" Pratt's character alive.

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