I like kitties.

This is a dark revenge film, but something about the supernatural element to it turns it into something closer to justice. With ghosts involved, there is an underlying implication that this is cosmic revenge, not human, and therefore, cosmic justice--something natural.

The other idea that comes up here is the reputation of black cats. While I appreciate a good supernatural tale of an animal with magic powers, and I respect folklore enough to appreciate where this is coming from, I would be remiss in my duties as a friend of a cat doctor if I did not stress that that's all this is: myth. Lies. Untruths! Black cats are not at all dangerous, unlucky, evil, or otherwise bad. They are adorable and should be hugged, and loved, and petted until they hiss at you for touching them too much, like all other cats.

The special effects in this film are incredible. The forest moving around the house is an especially trippy image, but the film is full of intense, quiet, atmospheric shots that either make use of the black-and-white photography to play with shadow and light or use old skool effects and editing to give off just the right amount of unearthliness for this ghost story to work.

October count: 55/31.

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