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  • EverAfter



    It's 1998 and Macs come in rainbow colors and girls covered in iridescent glitter fasten rows of pink plastic butterfly clips in their hair. It's 10 years till the first black President and the newest Hollywood adaptation of Cinderella is class-conscious and feminist. Drew Barrymore has the face of a Waterhouse sylph and is allowed to experience a full range of emotions, from the righteous fury of the oppressed to muddy-faced self-doubt and smooshed-clay ugly crying to heartbursting, impossible love…

  • The Premonition

    The Premonition


    This is a dream you had around August in the early 90s, around the time your mother bought a house in the woods with the social security checks from your father’s death so she could be alone with her addictions.

    Bugs collected in the bowl-shaped lighting fixture in your bedroom because you left your window open to hear the crickets and frogs at night, around the time you woke one morning to find the kitchen floor covered in caterpillars, and…

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  • Lions Love

    Lions Love


    I spent a lot of time with this movie because I was creating/transcribing the English subtitles for it. My first reaction was to be desperately annoyed at the opening performance from The Beard (seriously, this play seems like it was written by a 12-year-old who'd just checked out a book on subversive art from the junior high library, which is probably the perfect choice for this film) and by the star trio's (particularly Viva Hoffman's) affected presences. But they grew…

  • Angela



    I believe I found this on someone's horror film list somewhere, so I was expecting spiritual torment from a child's eye view. The summary—which is accurate—combined with that ominous poster, certainly suggest something sinister. To my surprise, though, this film is produced with a touch as light and pink as cotton candy. The feminine pastels remind me of Barbara Loden's Wanda or Sofia Coppola's best visuals in Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette.

    The theme is more female-centric than demon-dwelling, focusing…