Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★½

as predicted, scream 5 was the perfect set up for an even better sequel. i mean on my god this was next level scream.

loved seeing the “core four” back in action along with Gale and of course queen Kirby, this movie was able to stand on its own without Dewy and especially Sidney and with the New York setting. it was so great and was used really well in my opinion i mean that ladder scene was so fucking intense and such a great idea

as for the finale, i can’t believe i actually predicted the killers, and although it was a little predictable it was still revealed with an added layer that made the motivation just that much more compelling. this is absolutely my favourite Scream film since the first and i cannot wait to rewatch it in the coming months.

as of now this is definitely my favourite movie of 2023

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