Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

So, I saw this in America while I'm on a break from working at a Summer Camp - and me and the group I'm on break with all went to a drive in theater! It was so cool! As a British guy who's always wanted to go I was so happy to sit on the roof of my friends car with 2 of the greatest people in my life right now and just chill out under the stars watching Spider-Man. The film was really good and they handled all of the comic to real life translations really well. It didn't feel too tied to Endgame or anything and Peter felt like a nice starting point for a post Thanos MCU.

I'm gonna have to go again cause unfortunately my friend was distracted by gis girlfriend throwing a hissy fit back home in Ireland so he wasn't able to focus on the film, which sucked for him but I wanna go see it again anyway! I'm so excited for him to experience it properly because he's a big Spidey fan so he should love it.

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