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  • The Yearling

    The Yearling


    Sure, I may have had zero desire to see THE YEARLING (1946) when *I* was a yearling, and it might have done me some good, but the sociopathic oldster I've become can't resist a tasty Warner Archive Blu-ray. And this sure is a gorgeous one, both the location shooting and the matte paintings look heavenly. It's nice to see young Gregory Peck in a role that suits him after Hitchcock miscast him twice. Mousy brunette Jane Wyman is a real…

  • Rosita



    I'd never heard of ROSITA (1923) before catching it on TCM, and it seems that's in large part to Mary Pickford's hating it and letting it rot. Well, I always think it's a real treat to see her play an adult as opposed to a creepy woman/moppet, and it's additional treat to see the American debut of Ernst Lubitsch. I thought he shuttled between Deutschland and the U.S. during this period, but it seems Pickford lured him here in 1923,…

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  • Traffic in Souls

    Traffic in Souls


    As we come up on the centenary of the release of THE BIRTH OF A NATION, idiot media will doubtless trumpet it as being U!S!A!'s *FIRST* feature film. When nothing could be further from the truth.

    1913's TRAFFIC IN SOULS is an *amazingly* complex piece of filmmaking that capitalized on white-slavery panic that apparently spawned a whole *genre* that lasted lasted until 1915.
    My research into 1915's CIVILIZATION (1915) painted it as being the first non-Shakespearian film to premiere on…

  • Jew Süss

    Jew Süss


    Wikipedia sez: "British censors did not allow a film to openly criticize the persecution of Jews, since it would have appeared as an attack on German policy and led to a diplomatic incident." Uh, OK. The criticism seemed pretty damn open to me, and obviously did to Goebbels as well, who saw fit to re-make the faithful-to-the-novel U.K. film into the infamous 1940 version, along with Hollywood's pro-Semitic 1934 drama, THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD.

    Lots of similarities b/w the two…