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  • Arachnophobia



    First film of the quarantine! Never really saw it before, just bits and pieces which were pretty much really just the trailer, which overpromises a John Goodman role that the movie never really delivers.

    With Frank Marshall directing, Kathleen Kennedy producing and Michael Kahn cutting, there's a nice Spielbergian atmosphere going on in this Amblin film.

    Speaking of moods, Arachnophobia also carries that feel good early 90s Universal horror films vibe although it's not from Universal, which I thought it…

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Another absolutely fantastic film from QT, maybe because of my recency bias, this feels like his best one yet, and most personal to me. Need more time to pass to get a little more grounded on this one.

    My full review can be found here...


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  • Halloween



    So good it got me to come back to Letterboxd!

    Feels like the best Halloween film since the original. Without surpassing the 1978 film, it expands on it and goes into a very real place while still maintaining the genre goodness from the franchise.

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I know this is deemed a "great film" and all but it was torturous, tough to watch. It's all set up with barely any pay off, lacking the money shot or money scene, if you will, giving us glimpses of something we've been torturously built up to with zero pay off. It could be rewritten as a great "killer kid" horror film but as it is now, its drama noisly overwhelms any of its other genre elements. Given how much…