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  • I'll Be Gone in the Dark

    I'll Be Gone in the Dark


    Really great. Not just as true crime, but as a story of a woman and her dedication to her craft and this story in particular. Loved and was so impressed by the way it mirrored Michelle's work in how it gave so much humanity to the women and victims and valued their stories and their lives more than what happened to them.
    I cried every episode of course!

  • Topsy-Turvy



    okay that cheeky little “it’s 1895” line........Vera Drake prediction??

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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    I love when a movie is fun

    I love when two white people who you can tell weren’t “hot hot” in high school but are now “definitely hot” as adults have incredible chemistry

    I love time romance

    Charming! Fun! Yeah!

  • The Fly

    The Fly

    what's the star number for "very good" but also "despicable and wretched and ruined my night"