Emma. ★★★½

This was gorgeous and the charisma leapt off the screen. This story is always enjoyable. 

I guess I have a feeling that I don’t know if I can articulate but here I go, trying...something that fascinates me in period pieces is what the director tries to connect to a modern sensibility. Here I think half of it was the visuals (a success, felt lush and grand but not excessively so) and then the other half I think was the sense of humor? But it happened inconsistently? Like some of the jokes were about miscommunication, but with a modern physicality or sensibility? And because of that of the jokes hit to mixed success? 

Of course now that I’ve articulated this I don’t know if it’s right! Whatever!
Anyway, I liked this a lot still.

Last thought: Is Anya Taylor Joy going to be our generation’s Kiera Knightly? (small face, loves a period piece)

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