Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza ★★★

Watched this with the plan to half watch and fold laundry to. Instead, I am crying :) thinking about the pizza shop right around the corner from where I grew up with a sauce that never quite tasted right and that made it perfect. When I went back home around Christmas I got a weird thick perfect slice on a day I was sad and walked home the way I always did. It was sold the first month of quarantine.
This was my first time seeing this somehow! But it feels like the type of movie I’ve seen 100 times and could watch 100 times again. I think part of that is because it feels like a story and way of growing up that’s both so familiar and so alien? Something I wish I had growing up and would try to connect to, because I myself didn’t have that exact type of representation growing up. 
The pizza at Venice Pizza was FINE but I was so sad to see it go. I’m sad thinking about it own 
It’s strange to grow up. 
Things change! I cry! That remains the same.