• Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky

    incredible Scientology vibes from this….

  • Notting Hill

    Notting Hill


    just a girl, standing in front of a decades-old movie, writing a complimentary letterboxd review 💔

  • Wall Street

    Wall Street

    it’s so funny that this movie inspired people to work on Wall Street 
    everyone is damaged lmaoooo

  • Elvis



    So many things to say about this movie where Tim Burton’s Penguin tries to stop Elvis from ending segregation BUT at the end of the day…I will not say anything. I am too busy personally campaign for Austin Butler’s Oscar, sorry!

  • Watcher



    I know I’m turning into my mother because while I’m watching things, I can’t help my intrusive “wow I really like her outfit” and “hm, nice decorating” thoughts
    I was scared too and all that stuff but I really did like a lot of her outfits

  • Fire Island

    Fire Island

    gorgeously directed, cute and hot and sweet and funny

    love to be confronted with a rendition of a Britney song that accidentally emotionally destroys me……
    🚨 Bowen Yang STAR ALERT 🚨

  • The Queen

    The Queen

    The monarchy is random…how’s that for political commentary. 
    This movie is a real who’s who of people I’ve seen in British mystery shows. 
    And lastly? Alastair Campbell has a podcast called “The Rest is Politics” that is very good!

  • Blades of Glory

    Blades of Glory

    I rewatched Blades of Glory AMA

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    That thing Brooke Adam’s does with her eyes….10/10

  • Changing Lanes

    Changing Lanes


    Hopped off the plane and into my parents’ house where I am watching random movies on cable. Movies where I go “how have I never heard of this movie?” Then I watch said movie. Yeah…

  • Bull Durham

    Bull Durham


    Ok I’m gonna be honest, this started off with Susan Sarandon talking about baseball over gospel vocalisations. Hopes were low. 
    But this movie was so charming and cute and I loved these performances. Susan Sarandon is electric and has chemistry with everyone and brings so much intelligence and heart to a character that might not necessarily exude that on paper.  Tim Robbins is a genius at playing The Fool. Kevin Costner is hot. These are all things I enjoy in…

  • The Color of Money

    The Color of Money


    Tom Cruise has always been an absolute crackhead ❤️ love that for him!