A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice ★★★★½

Naoka Ueno is probably my most despised character in all of anime (can’t stress how many times I yelled at my tv)

(It’s easy for me to cry but for me too ugly cry is another thing) and this movie hit me way harder than I thought. 

I don’t know why I’ve decided to watch something as sad as this (thinking I could take it) but I felt so entranced by the entirety of its runtime and just watched it in a time of my life where I needed it most. A time and place where I’m questioning what to do, and pushing people away and not doing things to actively meet more people. I needed this in a very therapeutic way and I’ll never forget this film (especially the amusement park section)

I can’t really describe why I love it but happy to say I saw another anime movie made me cry a ton. Can’t wait to rewatch this and relive the pain.

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