Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

There are some movies you’ll never forget. This movie for me will always be Synecdoche, New York.

I found it extremely comforting this time around even though I still cried an immense amount. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about this movie. In the last two months, I’ve been at the worst I’ve ever been mentally. I’ve only now realized that I’m a mortal.

I know that sounds stupid but to really think about that hadn’t fully set in up until Feb 15. I’m going to die, everyone I love will die, in time I’ll be forgotten about and I’ll never get a re do. I’ve thought more on these thoughts in the past two months than I have in my entire life.

I don’t know whether to love or hate this man but this is undeniably a masterpiece.

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