Dunkirk ★★★½

i hate to partially agree with the purists out here ranting and raving about imax 70mm, but it really is thrilling to see a shot of the ocean towering above you. and yes, i know focusing on how gorgeous the ocean looks isn't really what chris nolan wanted, but it's his fault for casting approximately 10,000 lookalikes in the same film so i spent half of the film desperately trying to jumpstart my facial recognition skills. rendering tom hardy unrecognisable only works when the rest of the cast is recognisable, asshole.

the scale and spectacle of dunkirk is amazing to witness, and it does manage to pack some emotional punches; however, not all of them land. it still feels like nolan still has severe difficulty emoting on film, and though the camera techniques were wonderfully immersive and tactile, the paper-thin plot did nothing to add emotional immersion. the performances are fantastic (mark rylance especially), but none are given enough time or dialogue to fully shine.

dunkirk is a mixed bag - it's a technical marvel, wonderfully blending sea and sand and fire to create hell on earth, but falling woefully short when it comes to emotional connection.

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